Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We Love Wednesdays: Michael Jackson Edition

I got my wisdom teeth in August of 2009, and to say I was nervous is as much of an understatement as saying Michael Jackson was a little bit of an oddball. Man was crazy, and I thought I was going to die. It didn't help that the girl who was the surgeon's assistant was my age. Not approximately my age -- exactly my age. She was going into her senior year of college, and she wanted to play the name game and find out who we knew in common (there's always at least one with Virginia schools). Not now, girlfriend, I'm focusing on not hyperventilating and/or dying here. Then she told me that she'd just be handing the doctor tools, but if someone held a gun to her head, she'd be able to take someone's wisdom teeth out. Seriously?! Really reassured now. You're 21.

So then the doctor came in and started talking about what he was going to do, etc. Meanwhile, girlfriend was over in the corner getting stuff ready for surgery, and she offhandedly said, "Oh, these are the same drugs Michael Jackson had when he died!" Awesome. Luckily, the surgeon then told me that the third day of my recovery would be worst, so I began to focus on the fact that I had stupidly signed up for the GREs that day. And those were my last thoughts before the only surgery I've ever had. (The first thing I remember after waking up in my drugged stupor was telling my mom that I couldn't take my GREs. Then she made me call my dad so he could laugh at me. Don't remember doing that.)

Later in the day, my dad was administrating my drugs for me, and he decided that I shouldn't have a whole Percoset. No matter that my mouth felt like someone had taken a sledgehammer to it. Michael Jackson had been addicted to drugs post-Pepsi commercial incident, so I was also apparently in danger of becoming addicted. Thanks for looking out for me, J-Dawg.

Don't worry -- J-Dawg's fear of my potential drug addiction was avoided. Now when I want to be like the King of Pop, I just listen to MJ and covers of his music. (PS, we love this Glee cover and everything Artie sings.)

Tomorrow: Michael Jackson Tribute Week meets Throwback Thursday.

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