Wednesday, June 22, 2011

we love wednesdays: the glee project

The outset of summer has not only brought on the hellishly humid weather and frequent lightning storms, but has also ushered in a much more feared phenomenon. That's right, my friends--TV hiatus season is upon us. No new episodes of How I Met Your Mother and Modern Family to keep us in stitches. No more eye candy on the Vampire Diaries. New songs on Glee? Forget about it. The girls of TIOJ were forced to find a replacement show, ASAP, to keep us from entering TV syndication doldrums.

We didn't have to look far. Enter the Glee Project. The show basically has everything that we miss from our other off-season faves: awkward social situations (Modern Family, I'm lookin' at you), cute boys (of every variety: Irish, Nerdy, Dread-Locked), mighty fine singing (American Idol and, of course, Glee), and reality TV (basically every other show we watch).

I wouldn't say we're completely addicted yet. But don't fret. Summer is only just underway. Plenty of time for us to become obsessed.

Meet our new BFF Damian below:

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