Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We Love Wednesday: Excessive Celebration

I tend to watch the final game of final sports series just to watch the celebrations at the end, even if I don't like the teams playing and/or care about the sport. Their celebrations are just too dang cute.

Look how happy they are!

(image from everyjoe)

It's not often that you can see a 6'9" Slovak carry a really large silver cup around.
(image from usatoday)

In-game celebrations are pretty sweet too:

(Yes, that is Andrew Gordon kissing Marcus Johansson on the cheek after Gordo scored his first NHL goal.)

Red Sox walkoffs are just beautiful:

My favorite right now, though, are college baseball celebrations. They're really good at dogpiling (except for when someone breaks a bone). Look at the height that some of these Gamecocks get when they jump on the dogpile -- impressive. (Celebration starts at approximately 2:50.)

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