Thursday, June 2, 2011

Throwback Thursday: I Love the '90s

things that i miss from the '90s (but probably a good thing that they stayed there):

  • hair wraps
  • pogs
  • yellow smiley faces
  • the questionable sexuality of Lance Bass and Ricky Martin
  • gimp
  • the Macarena
  • "Dear Ashley" on All That
  • short-alls
  • foam platform sandals with foam flowers
  • AIM
  • Xangas/live journals
  • Mary Kate and Ashley videos
  • glitter eye shadow and gel
  • Zack Morris phones
  • flair jeans with embroidered butterflies on the legs
  • jelly bracelets
  • jelly shoes
  • mmmbop
  • Schoolgirl Britney
  • Uncle Jesse's hair
  • Surge soda
  • stick-on earrings
  • pants that zip off to become shorts
  • coordinated denim outfits
  • "Aaron's Party"

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