Thursday, June 9, 2011

Throwback Thursday: "Cotton Eye Joe"

Fact: Everyone, whether they admit it or not, loves a good line dance.  They were the highlight of middle school dances and the mitzvahs, both bar and bat, and hold a place in our hearts to this day. 

The line dance of all line dances for me was "Cotton Eye Joe".  I remember learning the dance moves at a birthday party in 5th grade when I lived in Boston and the feelings of shock and awe that hit my 7th grade dance floor in Chicago when I realized that the fancy footwork for this dance did not cross state lines.  (To this day, I have maintained my individuality and only know how to do the Northeast version of the dance)

So while Stacey and I will admit that it does not hold the same spot in our hearts as the Cupid Shuffle (thank you, Carnival Cruiselines), I give you "Cotton Eye Joe":

and as a bonus, the WTF video of the day to accompany this song (I'm fairly certain that the girl's outfit is fashioned out of a pillowcase and therefore NOT conducive to doing frog leaps...):

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