Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Michael Jackson Memorial Week: Tuesday

I first learned about Michael Jackson's death from my dad (most commonly referred to as J-Dawg in my household), who isn't always the best resource for pop culture news. We were on our way to a Red Sox-Nationals baseball game (the third that week), and we were waiting for Metro. Our conversation went more or less like this:

J-Dawg: Guess what I heard on the radio?!
Stacey: What, the weather?
J: No, Michael Jackson is dying!
S: What! Where did you hear that? Farrah Fawcett died today.
J: I knew that. Michael Jackson too. Some gossip site announced it and WTOP reported it.
S: Perez Hilton?
J: No, something with letters.
S: TMZ? I don't know if you can fully trust one of those sites.
J: Yeah, them. Apparently they're always right when they report on Michael Jackson.

Then, he proceeded to look up deets on his Blackberry and fill me in every few minutes. Also, the Nationals beat the Red Sox that day. It's okay, though, I like both of them. And the Red Sox won the other two games that series.

Here's a double-dose of MJ to get you through Tuesday:

Tomorrow: Michael Jackson and my wisdom teeth (there's a connection, I promise)...

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