Friday, June 24, 2011

don't let d.c. metro break your spirit

This morning, as I sunnily hummed along to the music filtering through my earphones, I really couldn't fathom how anything could ruin the good mood I've been experiencing this fine Friday. Then, as I gazed up the endless Dupont Circle escalators, I realized that not one, not two, but all three escalators were at a standstill. Welcome to the tallest stairs in D.C.

I used to say that I was D.C. metro's biggest fan. I've since realized I'm probably D.C. metro's only fan. I'm serious. I love metro. It's so convenient. It's relatively clean. And sure, it gets hellishly hot in the summer (and on some unfortunate cars, in the winter). It might get ridiculously crowded during rush hours when you factor in the tourists from all over America who just want to see the Smithsonian or the Crime and Punishment Museum.

 an example of metro's not-so-great moments, taken by yours truly at Ballston metro station

Like a good seasoned commuter, I can deal with that. I am compact. I can squeeze in. I've mastered the art of juggling my purse, my phone, my sunglasses, my coffee mug, and my Trader Joes lunch bag allthewhilst staying upright while holding onto the same pole 7 other commuters are hogging. This takes talent and strength of spirit. To say that I'm proud of myself for this feat would be a tragic understatement.

As much as I might love metro, however, I must admit that metro has moments of such heinous douchebaggery as to even break the spirit of an unflappable soul like myself. To mediate these crises, I've compiled a list of metro resources to make your day a little better. Your one stop shop for a quick assessment of--quite frankly--the basic level of fucked-upitude your commute will reach that day. Simply click on appropriate metro line you'll be taking and let the website prepare you for the commute ahead. Sure, Orange line to New Carollton "might be a little fucked", but at least you'll be able to plan accordingly.
@unsuckdcmetro: Sure, you  might have those days when you're honestly perplexed by the system and can't comprehend how people can deal with metro and its flaws. That is totally understandable. Don't hold it in. Sign into your twitter account and vent to @unsuckdcmetro. These fine folks are the united voice of displeasure with D.C. metro, and their advocacy might just provoke a change for the metro aspect that's been bothering you. If nothing else, misery loves company. If all else fails...take the bus.

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  1. i've walked those stairs and barely lived to tell the tale.


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