Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the biebs is our jam

A few weeks ago Krista admitted to having Bieber allergies. However, after watching Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, one of the greatest cinematic feats of 2011, This Is Our Jam has escalated to having the Bieber Flu (but not quite to Bieber Fever -- it's kind of like how Biebs didn't quite have full-fledged laryngitis before the Madison Square Garden show, but he did have pretty severe vocal cord damage).

Here are some of our thoughts after watching:

#1: Justin Bieber is so Canadian. We can't get past that. He has hockey players and Toronto Maple Leafs all over his room, his friends say "oot" instead of "out," and he wears windbreakers (one may have been short-sleeved -- jury's still out on that one). He also has really cute Canadian grandparents.

#2. He dresses like a baller. As mentioned, he rocked a short-sleeve windbreaker at one point and the sheer number of hoodies that he owns makes us think he probably has an entire closet/room/house devoted to his collection. Not only does he rock the hoodie, but he's so cool that everyone else around him, even his 50-something-year-old vocal coach, has made hoodies a staple of their wardrobes. HOWEVER: I just want to know why Justin is wearing a Yankees hat (big strike against you, Biebs) -- he's from Toronto, why not Blue Jays?

#3 It's a little disconcerting how into Bieber these girls are. (Although we do have a soft spot for this one). One girl interviewed said that she thinks about him 99 percent of her life, to which Kristen responded, "Oh my god, a whole generation of stalkers. I was all about Zack Hanson, but I do not know when he was born. I did, however, have his face on a t-shirt."

#4. We can't wait for Biebs to grow up. Krista is putting her money on him going the Zac Efron course and going from cute teen sensation to muscled sex god. (We're allowed to refer to him as that since we're the same age...) We support this.
(thanks for the pics, People!)

#5. We want to hang out with Justin's manager and crew. We want to be mentored by Usher. And we really want to know how Jaden Smith is so cool.

Okay, so I lied. We do have Bieber Fever. And we're pretty okay with that.

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