Thursday, June 30, 2011

Throwback Thursday: Club Phat

This Throwback is brought to you by guest TIOJ-er Grace:

Remember 2000? It was a heady time for me; deflated Y2K didn't destroy most of civilized infrastructure, I dragged 25 sacks of rice from my family's makeshift underground shelter back to Wal-Mart's return line. But there was more to that glorious turn-of-the-century year. It was the year in which I exerted independence over my dictatorial parents and began, with my loyal (well, as loyal as 11-year-old girls can be) krew, to take suburban Buffalo by storm. Did you really think Rebecca Black pioneered preteen/teen partying on Fridays?

For the "it" crowd at Heim Middle School, Friday nights were the domain of the illustrious preteen Club Phat. Club Phat was a middle schooler's den of iniquity, hidden innocently behind the facade of our town's community center. Admittedly, my memories of middle school are painfully selective, but I choose to remember my Club Phat days as such: less me standing awkwardly alone in the corner, tugging at my too-small Limited Too shirt, readjusting my glasses, and more me exposing my butterfly clip-wearing, innocently cell phone-free posse to the high-class world of exclusive, VIP-only events filled with beautiful and important people. We paid our $5 to get a stamp on our hands. We sat next to our boy "friends" on the (almost certainly) filthy couches. We loudly rapped to disturbingly inappropriate music. Our parents picked us up at 9:45pm. Oh, but those 2.75 hours of freedom!

This song, along with family-friendly classics from Ludacris ("What's Your Fantasty?") and Nelly ("Country Grammar"), defined my middle school experience. There's nothing like bumping-and-grinding with a prepubescent 11-year-old boy while the lyric "gimme that funk, that sweet, that nasty, that gooshy [sp?] stuff" blasts in your naive ears.

Throwback Thursday: Life Size

In honor of Lindsay Lohan finishing her house arrest this week, wanted to throwback to simpler times when Lindsay Lohan was just that cute girl in Disney movies who danced around with Tyra Banks. Lindsay, girlfriend, please get your shit together, stop stealing things, go back to your natural hair color and, in the words of a wise lion, "Remember who you are" )

also, we have SO many thoughts on her performance in The Parent Trap...get ready for them during Summer Camp Week (starting July 11- mark your calendars, people.)

throwback thursday: james taylor

True story: James Taylor was my first concert. I don't remember much of it--partly because I was only eight, and partly because my sister bought me six snow cones (which must be a record of some sort), and I went into a sugar crash by the encore. I do remember how happy I was to hear "Fire and Rain" because it was--and is to this day--one of my favorite songs.

Please pay special attention to a) James's hair and b) his rockin' pseudo-poncho. I think I would have loved the '70s.

Throwback Thursday: The Evolution of Enrique Iglesias

Remember when Enrique Iglesias burst onto the Latin-crossover music scene back in 1999 with "Bailamos"? You know, back when he had his mole? I do. I had his CD. And I. loved. it.

Enrique's come a long way since then. I mean, let's be real -- "I Like It" features Pitbull (question -- does he ever sing by himself? I've been thinking about this for a few weeks now and Krista is doing some in-depth research) and a music video with the cast of Jersey Shore FTW.

We'll get to later Enrique soon. Let's rewind a bit, shall we?

Remember these Enrique gems? Of course you do.

He got to sing a duet with Whitney Houston. WE LOVE HER. And I went to a wedding in 2001 or so where this song was the background music to a slideshow. (My Zumba teacher also played it last October, but that's a different story.)

Then he started dating Anna Kournikova and more or less dropped off the face of the earth for a few years, save a brief guest appearance on How I Met Your Mother in 2007.

(image from thetvaddict)

AND THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN BAM ENRIQUE WAS BACK! After including Pitbull in "I Like It" was such a success, Enrique went with another of our faves (Luda) in "Tonight" (fair warning, this video may not be appropriate to watch at work). Also, I was pretty scarred for life when I heard the original/not radio edit of this song. Let's just say it's not a pleasant word for "love," and when listening to the original, no lie, I feel a little violated. Not okay since, in my head, I hear Enrique as this guy. It's just much more fitting.

But I think I like this new Enrique. I'd say he's evolved pretty well, including being moleless... and I'm really digging his latest jam, "Dirty Dancer."

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

this is my (patriotic) jam

so i am typically not a fan of country music, HOWEVER, there are certain situations where i can concede that it is the perfect music to listen to. Examples of acceptable situations include: driving through Georgia (see spring break road trip with Stacey), playing beach volleyball, driving in a convertible in Williamsburg in the summer (holler jb), and...4th of July.

Last 4th of July my uncle literally sat on my grandparents porch staring out at the water with his Stolis on the rocks (Uncle Dan keeps it classy) listening to the entire Zac Brown Band CD on repeat (and kept trying to get my little cousin to say ass during "Toes"). Thus, Zac Brown holds a special place in my heart and gets me pumped to celebrate amurrikah!

We Love Wednesday: Excessive Celebration

I tend to watch the final game of final sports series just to watch the celebrations at the end, even if I don't like the teams playing and/or care about the sport. Their celebrations are just too dang cute.

Look how happy they are!

(image from everyjoe)

It's not often that you can see a 6'9" Slovak carry a really large silver cup around.
(image from usatoday)

In-game celebrations are pretty sweet too:

(Yes, that is Andrew Gordon kissing Marcus Johansson on the cheek after Gordo scored his first NHL goal.)

Red Sox walkoffs are just beautiful:

My favorite right now, though, are college baseball celebrations. They're really good at dogpiling (except for when someone breaks a bone). Look at the height that some of these Gamecocks get when they jump on the dogpile -- impressive. (Celebration starts at approximately 2:50.)

we love wednesday: american boy

Its no secret that I adore Estelle. I even met her once. (She said hi to me! NBD...) So I figured that in honor of America's upcoming bday, it would be appropriate to bust out my favorite not-really-a-throwback throwback, "American Boy" by my girl Estelle. This was my jam during the summer of 2008 when I was studying abroad in the U.K. Nothing says Happy Independence Day like drinking Long Island Ice Teas rocking out to a song about America (well, American guys) sung by a Brit, while in Scotland. Oh, memories.

We Love Wednesday: Sassy Gay Friend

if you haven't seen SGF yet- whatwhatWHAT are you doing?

This sketch series put on by Second City is hilarious and not only makes you want a SGF for yourself, but also allows you to ponder the intricacies of the literature you read in high school.  And you thought you'd never need to know the plot lines of every Shakespeare play...

"look at your life, look at your choices..."

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

brooksie is my jam

Nothing could've been a better start to my morning than learning that Brooks Laich, my all-time favorite Wawotan (no really, he's from Wawota, Canada), will be gracing Washington with his presence for six more years.

(image from wikipedia)

I couldn't be happier.

this is my (patriotic) jam

In honor of the 4th of July being this week, I have decided to do a daily patriotic jam to get everyone pumped for fireworks, apple pie, and everything amurrikah-related.

we shall start with my jam from last summer "Stars & Stripes by Rogue Wave

Monday, June 27, 2011

this is my (cover) jam

so i loved this cover before I even heard it. Mostly because "Bills, Bills, Bills" was my jam in the 5th grade- those lyrics really spoke to me and my meager allowance situation.

also in case you have not yet realized it, Eliza Doolittle is awesome.

this is my motivational monday jam

so its Monday again- womp womp.

If the prospect of 4th of July festivities isn't enough to get you through the work day, here's a motivational song for you. because really, don't we all just want the money, the cars, the clothes...the hoes??

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Michael Jackson Tribute Week: This Is It

Yesterday marked the second anniversary of Michael Jackson's deathday, and it took a lot to get through the day. But, I figured there was no better way to honor MJ than by reminiscing on one of the greatest pop culture events in recent history -- his funeral.

Kristen spent the day of Michael Jackson's funeral at an outdoor bar at the Great Wolf Lodge (one of Williamsburg's finest establishments) drinking Bloody Marys with her aunt. Having met Aunt Cathy, I'm not surprised in the least. I also have a friend who failed to turn in her final paper for a summer class because she was so caught up in watching the funeral... to her credit, though, the professor was very understanding.

A few months later, I forced some of my friends to see This Is It with me. It was legen--wait for it--dary.

To finish off your weekend, enjoy some more Michael:

(bet you didn't know that Michael sang the song from Free Willy)

Friday, June 24, 2011

in honor of MJ

In honor of Stacey's fabulous MJ Memorial Week (weds was my fav day!), wanted to leave you all with a fun Michael Jackson mashup jam to get you ready for the weekend:

(props to tish for sharing this jam with us!)

Have a great weekend and instead of mourning Michael's passing, celebrate his life, his dance moves, and have fun with your bad self.

don't let d.c. metro break your spirit

This morning, as I sunnily hummed along to the music filtering through my earphones, I really couldn't fathom how anything could ruin the good mood I've been experiencing this fine Friday. Then, as I gazed up the endless Dupont Circle escalators, I realized that not one, not two, but all three escalators were at a standstill. Welcome to the tallest stairs in D.C.

I used to say that I was D.C. metro's biggest fan. I've since realized I'm probably D.C. metro's only fan. I'm serious. I love metro. It's so convenient. It's relatively clean. And sure, it gets hellishly hot in the summer (and on some unfortunate cars, in the winter). It might get ridiculously crowded during rush hours when you factor in the tourists from all over America who just want to see the Smithsonian or the Crime and Punishment Museum.

 an example of metro's not-so-great moments, taken by yours truly at Ballston metro station

Like a good seasoned commuter, I can deal with that. I am compact. I can squeeze in. I've mastered the art of juggling my purse, my phone, my sunglasses, my coffee mug, and my Trader Joes lunch bag allthewhilst staying upright while holding onto the same pole 7 other commuters are hogging. This takes talent and strength of spirit. To say that I'm proud of myself for this feat would be a tragic understatement.

As much as I might love metro, however, I must admit that metro has moments of such heinous douchebaggery as to even break the spirit of an unflappable soul like myself. To mediate these crises, I've compiled a list of metro resources to make your day a little better. Your one stop shop for a quick assessment of--quite frankly--the basic level of fucked-upitude your commute will reach that day. Simply click on appropriate metro line you'll be taking and let the website prepare you for the commute ahead. Sure, Orange line to New Carollton "might be a little fucked", but at least you'll be able to plan accordingly.
@unsuckdcmetro: Sure, you  might have those days when you're honestly perplexed by the system and can't comprehend how people can deal with metro and its flaws. That is totally understandable. Don't hold it in. Sign into your twitter account and vent to @unsuckdcmetro. These fine folks are the united voice of displeasure with D.C. metro, and their advocacy might just provoke a change for the metro aspect that's been bothering you. If nothing else, misery loves company. If all else fails...take the bus.

Michael Jackson Memorial Week: Thriller Friday

I will say without reservation that "Thriller" is the best music video ever made EVER (sorry, LMFAO). It was what made my high school dance coach want to be a dancer. So you can imagine how excited I was when when it was requested that my college team learn it to perform at a game on Halloween. I gladly took up my mission to learn it and learn it well (aka, I had to teach it to 12 other people... so I had to at least pretend to know what I was talking about). It was the greatest feat of my life... but sadly, I don't remember the moves. I may re-learn it soon though. And I hope that you do so as well and bust it out this weekend when you're out hitting the town.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Throwback Thursday: Jackson Five Edition

Michael Jackson was six when he and his brothers formed the Jackson Five. Wasn't he cute?

But, I've watched my fair share of made-for-TV movies about the Jackson family. He didn't really have a childhood at all, and it's been said by many people and several times that Michael was abused as a child. (sorry to be Diana Ross Downer on Throwback Thursday.) So as weird as Neverland was, I think that Michael was just trying to have a childhood and somehow (weirdly) be a kid. I know that doesn't excuse potential child molestation. And I'll admit, it was still pretty weird. If only he could've stayed as this cute and seemingly well-adjusted.

Tomorrow: Thriller -- need I say more?

Throwback Thursday: "Freek-A-Leek"

So remember when you would go to random gift shops when you were younger where they sold mugs and pens and all that with your name on them? You would spin through the rack at the Disney store looking for the Mickey Mouse mug that had YOUR name on it. The excitement would build as you got to your letter. Karen-Kathy...almost there...and then...Kristina. They would NEVER have Krista. They would have f'ing Keira and Kylie but NEVER Krista. I would check every time, but time and again the rack of trinkets would jump from Kathy to Kristina. It was a sad and vicious cycle that lasted throughout my childhood until...

Petey Pablo released his jam, Freek-A-Leek, in 2004 and amid his listing of chicks named Keisha, Tanisha and ShaVon he threw in...KRISTA! It was a shining moment in my adolescence to finally have my name be recognized somewhere and of course, I made sure that whenever it came on people knew that Petey was rapping MY NAME when it came to that part in the song. 1:29 in case you were wondering...

i die.

okay so the only thing that can slightly rival my love for child rappers are children covering glee songs...

DUDES! he also does "Teenage Dream". I WANT THIS KID.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We Love Wednesday: Child Rappers

If there are two things that I love in the world they are rappers and children. So when you put them together, another whole level of awesomeness is created.

I think my favorite thing about child rappers is the fact that they rap about things pertinent to their life. They don't try and front like they can drive and live on their own, they tackle the real problems facing their age group: being short, kids trying to copy your homework, what color bike to get- the serious shit.

I can only hope that these young stars continue to progress on their musical journey and can one day drop the "Lil" off of their name (Following the "Bow Wow Ain't So 'Lil Anymore" Route if you will). I'm talking to you Lil P-Nut.

BONUS: My favorite child rapper, my cousin Charlie, does his own remix of Taio Cruz's "Dynamite"...kind of makes you hungry...

We Love Wednesdays: Michael Jackson Edition

I got my wisdom teeth in August of 2009, and to say I was nervous is as much of an understatement as saying Michael Jackson was a little bit of an oddball. Man was crazy, and I thought I was going to die. It didn't help that the girl who was the surgeon's assistant was my age. Not approximately my age -- exactly my age. She was going into her senior year of college, and she wanted to play the name game and find out who we knew in common (there's always at least one with Virginia schools). Not now, girlfriend, I'm focusing on not hyperventilating and/or dying here. Then she told me that she'd just be handing the doctor tools, but if someone held a gun to her head, she'd be able to take someone's wisdom teeth out. Seriously?! Really reassured now. You're 21.

So then the doctor came in and started talking about what he was going to do, etc. Meanwhile, girlfriend was over in the corner getting stuff ready for surgery, and she offhandedly said, "Oh, these are the same drugs Michael Jackson had when he died!" Awesome. Luckily, the surgeon then told me that the third day of my recovery would be worst, so I began to focus on the fact that I had stupidly signed up for the GREs that day. And those were my last thoughts before the only surgery I've ever had. (The first thing I remember after waking up in my drugged stupor was telling my mom that I couldn't take my GREs. Then she made me call my dad so he could laugh at me. Don't remember doing that.)

Later in the day, my dad was administrating my drugs for me, and he decided that I shouldn't have a whole Percoset. No matter that my mouth felt like someone had taken a sledgehammer to it. Michael Jackson had been addicted to drugs post-Pepsi commercial incident, so I was also apparently in danger of becoming addicted. Thanks for looking out for me, J-Dawg.

Don't worry -- J-Dawg's fear of my potential drug addiction was avoided. Now when I want to be like the King of Pop, I just listen to MJ and covers of his music. (PS, we love this Glee cover and everything Artie sings.)

Tomorrow: Michael Jackson Tribute Week meets Throwback Thursday.

we love wednesdays: the glee project

The outset of summer has not only brought on the hellishly humid weather and frequent lightning storms, but has also ushered in a much more feared phenomenon. That's right, my friends--TV hiatus season is upon us. No new episodes of How I Met Your Mother and Modern Family to keep us in stitches. No more eye candy on the Vampire Diaries. New songs on Glee? Forget about it. The girls of TIOJ were forced to find a replacement show, ASAP, to keep us from entering TV syndication doldrums.

We didn't have to look far. Enter the Glee Project. The show basically has everything that we miss from our other off-season faves: awkward social situations (Modern Family, I'm lookin' at you), cute boys (of every variety: Irish, Nerdy, Dread-Locked), mighty fine singing (American Idol and, of course, Glee), and reality TV (basically every other show we watch).

I wouldn't say we're completely addicted yet. But don't fret. Summer is only just underway. Plenty of time for us to become obsessed.

Meet our new BFF Damian below:

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Michael Jackson Memorial Week: Tuesday

I first learned about Michael Jackson's death from my dad (most commonly referred to as J-Dawg in my household), who isn't always the best resource for pop culture news. We were on our way to a Red Sox-Nationals baseball game (the third that week), and we were waiting for Metro. Our conversation went more or less like this:

J-Dawg: Guess what I heard on the radio?!
Stacey: What, the weather?
J: No, Michael Jackson is dying!
S: What! Where did you hear that? Farrah Fawcett died today.
J: I knew that. Michael Jackson too. Some gossip site announced it and WTOP reported it.
S: Perez Hilton?
J: No, something with letters.
S: TMZ? I don't know if you can fully trust one of those sites.
J: Yeah, them. Apparently they're always right when they report on Michael Jackson.

Then, he proceeded to look up deets on his Blackberry and fill me in every few minutes. Also, the Nationals beat the Red Sox that day. It's okay, though, I like both of them. And the Red Sox won the other two games that series.

Here's a double-dose of MJ to get you through Tuesday:

Tomorrow: Michael Jackson and my wisdom teeth (there's a connection, I promise)...


if you're coffee is just not doing it this morning, try waking up with my new friend, Zola:

Monday, June 20, 2011

Michael Jackson Memorial Week: Monday

This week marks the two year anniversary of MJ's too-soon passing... get ready for a lot of King of Pop in the next week as I continue my mourning process.

architecture in helsinki is (still) our jam

pic by krista
Kristen and I went to the Architecture in Helsinki concert this weekend and it.was.awesome. (read: kristen was sore from dancing too much)

The opener (in the words of the guy i made friend tioj on twitter), "Not So" Hooray for Earth, was sub par, but Architecture killed it.  We were enchanted for pretty much the entire evening by the female singer of the band not only because her voice is baller, but her dress was just so sparkly!! Yeah, we're crushing on her pretty hard.

We've been jamming to their newest single, "Contact High" on repeat for the past three days. Check it:

"and the big man joined the band"

You'll be missed, Clarence.

Friday, June 17, 2011

jazz is my jam

What is better than the National Sculpture Garden on a beautiful Friday? JAZZ and SANGRIA in the National Sculpture Garden on a beautiful Friday.

The Fountain in the National Sculpture Garden--Picture by Kristen via Instagram

r. kelly is my weekend jam

God help me if I ever go to karaoke and "Remix to Ignition" is on the song list. I'd be willing to get over my stage fright for this song.

this is my weekend jam

True Life: I inspired Chris Brown to write this song.

this is my weekend jam

Yes, I know this is quite possibly the weirdest music video ever created. And I don't like that the song doesn't start for two minutes either. I was wondering where LMFAO has been since "Shots," too. And thanks for asking, the robot is my favorite part!

Now just try pretending you're not at a club while sitting in your cubicle during the house music segments.

no really, this is my jam

Lykke Li is one of my new favs and I'm seriously jamming to her song  "Little Bit" especially because of the sweeeet dance moves in this video (my new life goal is to be besties with the guy in suspenders)

as a bonus, PS 22 covering her song "Breaking It Up". Wish my elementary school choir had been this cool.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

throwback thursday: casper the friendly ghost (and his heartthrob teenage incarnation, devon sawa)

I may or may not have watched Casper the Friendly Ghost, oh, about once a year since it came out in 1995.  It is also possible that my friend once walked into my dorm room to find my roommate and I crying over the dance scene in which adorable, blonde-haired Devon Sawa as Casper asks Cat oh so innocently, "Can I keep you?". BUT HE CAN'T KEEP HER. Because he is a GHOST. That didn't make you cry? You are dead to me.

Throwback Thursday: Tupac

Today would have been Tupac Shakur's 40th birthday. Happy birthday, bro.

happy thursday!

don't let this overcast d.c. day ruin your swag.

major props to friend of this is our jam, deanna, for bringing this obamawesomeness to my attention.

Throwback Thursday: Snoop Dogg


Okay so I have two reasons for throwing back to S-N-double O-P-D-O-double G:

1. He rocks pigtails WITH the sweet toggle hair ties.  That was my jam in 3rd grade.  Well played Mr. Dogg.

2. "Drop It Like It's Hot" was my jam.  So much so that I had my teachers squirt me with water guns for "dancing inappropriately" at school dances.  Sorry I'm not sorry.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

we love wednesdays: scandinavia

I love Scandinavia. This is something that I've come to terms with. It is inexplicable. It is immutable. And it is kind of strange, if I'm being honest. But my enchantment with Scandinavia is logical when you think about the fact that the happiest people--no, seriously, the happiest people on EARTH--live, work, and play there. Don't you want to be that happy too?

A few of my favorite Scandinavian imports:

Norwegian singer Sondre Lerche is my jam. He also has an awesome name.

Washington Capitals center Nicklas Backstrom doing what Stacey likes to refer to as his "why yes, I do look like I'm on a cruise from Sweden to the Mediterranean, and it's going quite well, thank you, because I'm from the 6th happiest place on earth" pose. (pic from

 Not only to they love America in Norway (as evidenced by the American flag onesie I encountered on a recent trip to Oslo), but they love ONESIES. Enough said. (picture taken by kristen via instagram)

We Love Wednesday: Naps

i love naps.

i want one now.

more specifically i want the below video re-enacted asap.


We Love Wednesdays: The Kennedys

No, but really -- have you ever seen a more beautiful picture?

they're. the. best. and I bet this is in Cape Cod -- even more of a win.

(from east-buc)

no really, this is my jam

in honor of our recent love of biebs, had to post this jam of the biebster collaborating with my favorite hate to love but really just love artist, chris brown

also, my fav blog, best week ever, always seems to pretty precisely pinpoint my feelings and find the best youtube gems ever. check it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the biebs is our jam

A few weeks ago Krista admitted to having Bieber allergies. However, after watching Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, one of the greatest cinematic feats of 2011, This Is Our Jam has escalated to having the Bieber Flu (but not quite to Bieber Fever -- it's kind of like how Biebs didn't quite have full-fledged laryngitis before the Madison Square Garden show, but he did have pretty severe vocal cord damage).

Here are some of our thoughts after watching:

#1: Justin Bieber is so Canadian. We can't get past that. He has hockey players and Toronto Maple Leafs all over his room, his friends say "oot" instead of "out," and he wears windbreakers (one may have been short-sleeved -- jury's still out on that one). He also has really cute Canadian grandparents.

#2. He dresses like a baller. As mentioned, he rocked a short-sleeve windbreaker at one point and the sheer number of hoodies that he owns makes us think he probably has an entire closet/room/house devoted to his collection. Not only does he rock the hoodie, but he's so cool that everyone else around him, even his 50-something-year-old vocal coach, has made hoodies a staple of their wardrobes. HOWEVER: I just want to know why Justin is wearing a Yankees hat (big strike against you, Biebs) -- he's from Toronto, why not Blue Jays?

#3 It's a little disconcerting how into Bieber these girls are. (Although we do have a soft spot for this one). One girl interviewed said that she thinks about him 99 percent of her life, to which Kristen responded, "Oh my god, a whole generation of stalkers. I was all about Zack Hanson, but I do not know when he was born. I did, however, have his face on a t-shirt."

#4. We can't wait for Biebs to grow up. Krista is putting her money on him going the Zac Efron course and going from cute teen sensation to muscled sex god. (We're allowed to refer to him as that since we're the same age...) We support this.
(thanks for the pics, People!)

#5. We want to hang out with Justin's manager and crew. We want to be mentored by Usher. And we really want to know how Jaden Smith is so cool.

Okay, so I lied. We do have Bieber Fever. And we're pretty okay with that.

twitter is our jam

get excited people: tioj is now on twitter to give you updates on the latest things that are #ourjam.

follow us. love us. tell us what your jams are.

Walk the Moon is our jam

so the week of concerts has begun and started with a great concert by Walk the Moon and GROUPLOVE. We loved jamming to both bands (loved WTM's new jam, tightrope) and had a ton of fun chilling with the guys from Walk the Moon.

And we had too much fun with the balloons during the GROUPLOVE set

pics taken by krista via Instagram
 can't wait for more concerts this week!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

birthdays are our jam

Happy 25th birthday, Mary Kate and Ashley! May your next twenty-five years of life be filled with even more matching outfits and a return to the acting world so we can be privy to many, many more quality movies and television shows.

(image from premieretutoringla)

Also, happy birthday to Washington Capitals forward Matt Bradley -- hope you're loving Canada, Brads!

hipster glasses are my jam

Need a pick-me-up for your Monday afternoon? Search for "hipster glasses" on Etsy, and join me in secretly lusting after all the cute, thick-rimmed frames that pop up! I find these glasses so charming, and while I am not so great with the whole glasses thing in my day to day life (the world is safer when I wear contacts), I'm still tempted to buy a pair for my own (and my roommates') amusement.

Behold, America's favorite silver fox (from

 Aaaand our fave, JT. Awesome glasses, douchey hat.

this is my mellow monday jam

in our Saturday morning laziness this weekend Kristen and I watched lotssss of episodes of the O.C. and were reminded of how much awesome music was played on the show.  case in point:

Friday, June 10, 2011

its the weekend, eh?

I'm really unable to dislike any video produced by our fellow Tribesman, Jon Stewart. The fact that this video is entirely about Canada? Only makes it better.

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Canadian Oilverlords
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical Humor & Satire BlogThe Daily Show on Facebook

happy weekend!

the work week is almost over biddies, now go get your groove on.

ME AT NINE, PERFORMING TO MADONNA IN SUMMER '91! from Robert Jeffrey on Vimeo.

this is my (remixed) jam

can't stop listening.

this is my weekend jam

As you know, I strongly believe that summer = country music. But I do love me some Luda. And when those two things are combined -- well, that's just beautiful... although I'm still not sure how I feel about Jason Aldean rapping (more thoughts on white boys rapping to come soon).

Happy weekend!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Throwback Thursday: "All My Life"

You know you slowdanced to this song at a middle school dance... and you left plenty of room for the holy spirit. Recreate the scene this afternoon by finding a coworker who is willing to dance with you. That'll be a great way to liven up a Thursday afternoon.

(also, what is going on in this video?? and is anyone else currently trying to figure out why Jojo is named Jojo?)

Throwback Thursday: Roller Skating Rinks

Before "My Super Sweet 16" took over our TVs, before laser tag became the go-to birthday shenanigans for young kids, and after Chuck E. Cheese lost its appeal, there was only one activity that was fun, outrageous and social enough to make your adolescent birthdays affairs to remember: roller skating.

 image thanks to

You know you listened to this song while skating, and you know you loved it, too.

Throwback Thursday: "Cotton Eye Joe"

Fact: Everyone, whether they admit it or not, loves a good line dance.  They were the highlight of middle school dances and the mitzvahs, both bar and bat, and hold a place in our hearts to this day. 

The line dance of all line dances for me was "Cotton Eye Joe".  I remember learning the dance moves at a birthday party in 5th grade when I lived in Boston and the feelings of shock and awe that hit my 7th grade dance floor in Chicago when I realized that the fancy footwork for this dance did not cross state lines.  (To this day, I have maintained my individuality and only know how to do the Northeast version of the dance)

So while Stacey and I will admit that it does not hold the same spot in our hearts as the Cupid Shuffle (thank you, Carnival Cruiselines), I give you "Cotton Eye Joe":

and as a bonus, the WTF video of the day to accompany this song (I'm fairly certain that the girl's outfit is fashioned out of a pillowcase and therefore NOT conducive to doing frog leaps...):

this is my (cover) jam

this song makes me so cheery:

digging the Musgraves? check out their awesome cover of Lady Gaga's new jam

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We Love Wednesday: The Today Show

Another list of some of my favorite things (again, in no particular order):
  • the Today Show
  • the awkward mom dance (see Ann Curry, 2:25)
  • sing alongs
  • choreographed dance numbers
  • Journey
  • matching customized tshirts
  • the awkward dad dance (see Lester Holt, 5:00)
  • video montages
  • Jimmy Fallon
All of these favorites were combined in Meredith Vieira's final episode on the Today Show... and I must say, this was much better than Oprah's farewell (is it sacrilegious to say that?).

I only hope that I will be lucky enough to experience this joy someday:

We Love Wednesday: Keeping a well stocked fridge...

there are only 3 words that i can possibly say to preface the awesomeness of this video:
snacks on snacks

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

architecture in helsinki is my jam

next week is going to be an epic week of concerts in DC culminating with Architecture in Helsinki so, natch, I've been listening to them nonstop.

I just stumbled upon a video they did for quite possibly my favorite music blog ever, la blogotheque (they're french and do impromptu indie shows all over paris, what's not to love). Anyway, check out this incredible take away show that Architecture in Helsinki did of their most popular song "Heart it Races" (gets real good at 2 mins).

gahhh they're so good. also loving their song W.O.W. off their new album, check it.

no really, this is our jam

I've basically had this song on repeat for the past two days -- so summery and road trip-y! And it has Krista's approval, which is a big deal for a country song.

Monday, June 6, 2011

a cappella is my jam

There was a time so many moons ago, when I was a young, shy freshman in college, when I was bright-eyed and so incredibly addicted to this new phenomenon in my life called a cappella music that I listened to songs by JMU's Exit 245 over and over and over again. Some days I like to reminisce. Today is one of those days.

Friday, June 3, 2011

i die.

my two favorite things in one video: french and bradley cooper.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Throwback Thursday: I Love the '90s

things that i miss from the '90s (but probably a good thing that they stayed there):

  • hair wraps
  • pogs
  • yellow smiley faces
  • the questionable sexuality of Lance Bass and Ricky Martin
  • gimp
  • the Macarena
  • "Dear Ashley" on All That
  • short-alls
  • foam platform sandals with foam flowers
  • AIM
  • Xangas/live journals
  • Mary Kate and Ashley videos
  • glitter eye shadow and gel
  • Zack Morris phones
  • flair jeans with embroidered butterflies on the legs
  • jelly bracelets
  • jelly shoes
  • mmmbop
  • Schoolgirl Britney
  • Uncle Jesse's hair
  • Surge soda
  • stick-on earrings
  • pants that zip off to become shorts
  • coordinated denim outfits
  • "Aaron's Party"

Throwback Thursday: "Summertime"

  2:04 PM Tanner: I am offended by the content of you blog...
  I do not know how you can have a post about summer time jams without mentioning Will Smith's 'Summertime'.   This one's for you, T-Dawg.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a little too true...

We Love Wednesday: Bert

I'm home on a mini vacation this week and as a result get to spend some quality time with my dog, Bert.  Bert and I just had a photo shoot  in the hot Kentucky weather (using my new favorite app, Instagram).

look how cuuuute:

he was a little reluctant to start hanging out with me...
but then we got to play outside...

We Love Wednesday: "perfect place to be"

I'm posting "Perfect Place to Be" by Daniel Palmer for my We Love Wednesday contribution for a few reasons: I woke up in a positively unshakable good mood this morning and it is the beginning of a beautiful (and hellishly hot) D.C. summer, which warrants a summery song. But mainly, above all else, I just wish I could live in that ad.

We Love Wednesday: Baby Ukelele

Don't you want to put this baby in your pocket? No? Just me? Cool.

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