Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Very Astute, Porcelain." "Nugget."

All we knew going into tonight's Glee was that there was going to be a funeral.

Immediate predictions...
Kristen: I think it's going to be Burt because he's been fabulous and he already has a heart condition.
Krista: If it's Mike Chang, I'm never watching Glee again.
Kristen: BOYCOTT! Fuck that!
Krista: What if it's Karovsky?
Kristen: Not Karovsky, I love him!
Krista: Yeah, but someone might kill him.
Kristen: It'd be a hate crime. And I won't even entertain the thought about it being Britney.
Stacey: NOOOOOO!!

On Kurt's clothing choice...
Kristen: Does he have widgets or skulls on his pants?
Krista: Kurt should only sing Beatles songs.
Stacey: Is his vest tie-back?
Kristen: He's also wearing combat boots.
Stacey: And parachute pants?
Krista: Sorry we didn't listen to your song, Kurt, we were too busy looking at your outfit.
We also think that Kurt's hair makes him look like Jimmy Neutron.
On Mercedes...
She's the best.
Krista: This makes me want to watch Dreamgirls.

NEWSFLASH: Finn is Canadian. And a Canucks fan. Day is made.

At the funeral...

  • Sue's wearing real clothes!

  • hair joke #2

  • Finn and Quinn are still together? Missed that.

  • from behind, Sam looks like Sue Sylvester.

  • Kristen: Mike Chang can't sing, but he sure does do the brooding look well.

General gems....

  • Kristen: When Rachel sings and she's crying, it kind of looks like her face is melting.

  • Krista: I want to be on Fondue for Two! If only!

  • Krista: Remember when Teri pretended to be pregnant and she wasn't? Can we hope that in the future, there's a Glee version of "Welcome to Miami"? (Kristen: Bienvenido a Miami.)

We're ready for the season finale.
Hunger Games. Glee style.

props to Zebiz for the pic

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