Thursday, May 19, 2011

Throwback Thursday: "Pump Up the Jam"

I'm pretty sure I owned at least two volumes of Jock Jams, and I'm very comfortable with that. I don't think you can get more '90s than "Pump Up the Jam" (and yes, I did force my dance team to listen to it at least once a practice for an entire season...). Also, I learned via Twitter (aka via Kristen, since I will never understand Twitter) that Andrew Gordon of the Washington Capitals/Hershey Bears is currently driving back to Canada with his dad and listening to Jock Jams.

And now, for quite possibly the best music video to come out of 1990 -- this is my jam.

(I don't think it'll be too difficult, but yes, that will be my hairstyle for the next week.)

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