Thursday, May 26, 2011

this is NOT my jam

okay it semi-pains me to post this because like any normal person, Justin Bieber is sort of my jam- I wouldn't say that I contracted full-fledged Bieber Fever, but def Bieber allergies. Let's be real- anyone who has Usher as their mentor and regularly teams up with Luda in their songs is good in my book.

However, despite the fact that "Never Say Never" is currently at the top of our Netflix queue and we have (multiple) pictures of biebs on our fridge, the commercial for his new perfume just rubs me the wrong way.  Here are my reasons:
  1. There is a underlying vampire-y thing going on in this commercial. You're above that, Justin.
  2. Let's remind ourselves that Justin is 15 (16? 17?) years old and I'm pretttty sure he's trying to do his "sexy face" at 0:06- not sure that you're old enough to pull that off yet young man.
  3. Biebs is wearing a leather jacket. I don't trust people in leather jackets. 
  4. I am digging his purple kicks but totally takes away for the tween sexiness (can't believe I just wrote tween sexiness...gross) they're going for.

after watching the video, here are our thoughts on what "Someday" actually smells like:
Kristen: desperation and tears
Stacey: puberty with a hint of sugar
Krista: jolly ranchers

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