Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Apparently We're Not the Only Ones Who Love Whit...

Krista and I were a little (read: very) saddened last week when we learned that our girl Whitney Houston was back in rehab. After all, Whit lovingly provides the theme song to our lives. Get better soon, girlfriend!

BUT DID YOU KNOW? Someone else shares our love. Osama bin Laden loved Whitney so much that he was a, ready to make her one of his wives, b, targeting Bobby Brown as one of his major public enemies, and c, slightly stalking her so he could meet her. Not sure that this is the right look for a mastermind terrorist.

According to
one of bin Laden's wives (not Whit): "Whitney Houston's name was the one that would be mentioned constantly. How beautiful she was, what a nice smile she has, how truly Islamic she is but is just brainwashed by American culture and by her husband Bobby Brown, whom Osama talked about having killed, as if it were normal to have women's husbands killed."

But would he make her feel like a million dollar bill?

Apparently her music didn't cut it, though. Not appropriate.

I just wonder what Osama would've thought of this interpretation of Million Dollar Bill:

Some more Whitney to get you through this rainy Tuesday....

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