Tuesday, May 31, 2011

this is my (cover) jam

I was checking out my new favorite music blog, cover me songs, and was loving all of the covers that they had compiled in honor of Cee-Lo Green's birthday yesterday and happened to stumble upon this AWESOME cover that Cee-Lo did of Band of Horse's "No One's Gonna Love You".  Band of Horses is awesome and I dig that Cee-Lo actually covered a Band of Horses song- what a baller.

Friday, May 27, 2011

this is my summer jam

Anyone who lives in the D.C. area can attest to the fact that summer has officially taken hold on the city. Residents are sweltering, frozen-yogurt shops are packed with patrons and jazz in the sculpture garden has resumed once again. I, for one, could not be happier. Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone :)

Enjoy the heat, and enjoy "Heatwave" by Chiddy Bang feat. Mac Miller

this was my jam

The Shout Out Louds are an awesome band and highly recommend listening to them if you have not yet had the pleasure.  The first song that made me fall in love with them, "The Comeback", came on my iPod this morning (shuffle all songs in the best thing ever) so obvi, I have been listening to them all day and reminiscing about when I saw them in concert in Luxembourg (nbd...).  Enjoy!

this is my weekend jam

welcome to summer:

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Throwback Thursday: "Cheap Seats"

Today's thought process:

tomorrow = Memorial Day weekend = official start to summer = best time to listen to country music slash watch baseball outside = Alabama.

Throwback Thursday: "Let's Groove"

Throwing back to before I was born to one of the greatest bands ever, Earth, Wind, & Fire.  All their songs are so happy and consequently, have a space on pretty much every playlist I make. I have a soft spot for "September" as the song is about the day after my birthday (obvi, they were inspired by the awesomeness of the day to write a song the next day)- but "Let's Groove" is totally up there as well.

who wants to groove with me and see them in concert this summer???

Throwback Thursday: "Hey, Dude"

You know that when you were young you wished you had a cool, androgynous nickname like "Brad" and that you lived on the Bar None Dude Ranch with Ted and the gang. You wished that Christine Taylor was your best friend, and you probably waited patiently each week for Snick's clutch Saturday lineup so you could watch fun (and sometimes culturally inappropriate) western shenanigans. Me too, dude. Me too.

this is NOT my jam

okay it semi-pains me to post this because like any normal person, Justin Bieber is sort of my jam- I wouldn't say that I contracted full-fledged Bieber Fever, but def Bieber allergies. Let's be real- anyone who has Usher as their mentor and regularly teams up with Luda in their songs is good in my book.

However, despite the fact that "Never Say Never" is currently at the top of our Netflix queue and we have (multiple) pictures of biebs on our fridge, the commercial for his new perfume just rubs me the wrong way.  Here are my reasons:
  1. There is a underlying vampire-y thing going on in this commercial. You're above that, Justin.
  2. Let's remind ourselves that Justin is 15 (16? 17?) years old and I'm pretttty sure he's trying to do his "sexy face" at 0:06- not sure that you're old enough to pull that off yet young man.
  3. Biebs is wearing a leather jacket. I don't trust people in leather jackets. 
  4. I am digging his purple kicks but totally takes away for the tween sexiness (can't believe I just wrote tween sexiness...gross) they're going for.

after watching the video, here are our thoughts on what "Someday" actually smells like:
Kristen: desperation and tears
Stacey: puberty with a hint of sugar
Krista: jolly ranchers

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We Love Wednesday: Vampire Weekend

On this gray, sleepy Wednesday, I can't get enough of the "take away concerts" from La Blogotheque. The video below showcases all sorts of charming things: Ivy-League educated musicians, scarves, and the beautiful sights of Paris.

We Love Wednesday: It's Not What You Think

A list, in no particular order, of some of my favorite things:
  • the Boston Red Sox (okay, they're number one)
  • SportsCenter commercials
  • Wally the Green Monster
  • Big Papi (aka the nimble giant... or David Ortiz)
  • all of those things combined into one:

We Love Wednesday: Jake Gyllenhaal

nuf said.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

your post-finale gossip girl fix

In mourning that Gossip Girl is on its summer hiatus? We are too. Luckily, it took us a full week to process what went down in last week's season finale...

On Georgina…

  • Krista: Why is she back?
  • Kristen: …why are her ears bigger?
  • Stacey's favorite Georgina line: "I haven't been this bored since I believed in Jesus."
  • Georgina is the Barney Stinson of Gossip Girl. She has a playbook! Oh, hey Barney! The Badger, the Melon Drop, the Spanish Prisoner.

On the Bar Mitzvah…

  • Krista: whatwhatwhatwhat WHAT are you doing?
  • Kristen: I want to be bar-mitzvah Blair's friend.
  • Stacey: what is this bar mitzvah?!? Mazel Tov, Joseph! At the future bar mitzvahs of my future children, they'll do the hora to Adele. And I plan on dancing like Blair mid-hora circle. Gossip Girl needs a good Jewish influence, and I accept this position.

(Also, please note that the three of us will be the new Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson and start crashing fancy DC bar mitzvahs. On it.)

On Charlie…

  • Kristen: They're still at the party, Charlie is still crazy, apparently, and the band is playing some song Krista and I will probably google later.
  • Stacey: How the heck did Charlie get a bartender's bottle of vodka, pour spout included? She probably would have fallen out the window already. She's a little unsteady on that ledge there. And how is she not schwasty anymore?

On Chuck Bass…

  • Kristen: One thing you really don't realize until you've watched the entire first season of GG in an extraordinarily short period of time with your roommates--Chuck's hair has REALLY gotten better. It's almost comical how much better, actually. (and how Vanessa's never did get better at all...)
  • Stacey: Chuck Bass, when did you become so dashing and gentlemanly?
  • Krista: so torn between Chuck and Louis.... Blair can take Chuck and I'll have Louis. k, good plan?

And on the other men of Gossip Girl...

  • Stacey: Sweet slicked back hair, Nate. And good job on backup in the warehouse… way to stand there and look pretty.
  • Kristen: No one gives Chuck any credit, but to be fair, its Nate and Dan who can't seem to keep it in their pants. They're powerless before the women on this show. Both have hooked up with Serena. Both have kissed Blair. Both have had weird, unfortunate relationships with Vanessa. Speaking of crazy, unfortunate relationships...Georgina is back.

On Vanessa...

  • Stacey: take me to Barcelona with you, V!
  • Krista: aw she's gonna publish his book- you sneaky bitch
  • Kristen: GO HOME, VANESSA. Stop reading everyone's shit.

Final thoughts from Stacey:

  • reunion at the van der Woodsen/Humphreys!
  • Hi, Serena-san!
  • Serena's new love interest looks too much like Dan… and Serena wouldn’t read or understand Fitzgerald

Final thoughts from Kristen:

  • Are we supposed to believe that a Zippo lighter is going to set the entire effing building on fire? Does that seem right to you?
  • Leave NY, Headmistress Kweller? Don't we all remember what happened when Serena left New York last time? Connecticut didn't end well for anyone. And nothing good came of Serena's gallivanting around the world with Carter Baizen, looking for her Papa van der Woodsen.

Final thoughts from Krista:

  • go hommmme Raina...it's been real with you, kthanksbye
  • during a commercial for the new X-Men movie: "are they making a POWER RANGERS movie?!?!"
  • S and V searching for the crazies together- YAYYYY TEAMWORK!

Cool, we're going to go finish season one and rewatch the entire series… in the next week. We're ready for season five now.

Monday, May 23, 2011

our collective mood after this weekend

from totalfilm

this is my mellow monday jam

As much as I might like to convince you that I get all of my music from divine inspiration, that's really not true--my favorite and most surprising sources of musical inspiration are, in fact...Subaru commercials. I don't know who is responsible for scoring Subaru commercials, but I think it's someone I would like to know. I'm totally (figuratively) buying what they're selling.

Here are two of my fave songs that have been featured. Hopefully they make your Monday as breezy and mellow as mine is.

"Powerful Stuff" by Sean Hayes

"Before I Knew" by Basia Bulat

Friday, May 20, 2011


After Krista and I embarked on an epic journey we like to call Spring Break 2010, there's a special place in our hearts for the Black Eyed Peas. And I'm fascinated by Will.I.Am's always-autotuned voice.

Happy weekend!

no really, this is my jam

HAPPY FRIDAY! this song will put you in an instant good mood for the wonderful weekend ahead.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Throwback Thursday: The Mighty Ducks aka the Best Movies of Our Generation

If you're anything like me (or, let’s face it, anyone, born between 1985-1990), the Mighty Ducks trilogy has a special, hockey puck-shaped place in your heart. And you know what? This is so understandable. Because even though you had no idea what a hat trick was, or didn't know just how important it was to "change it up" (Yell it! "CHANGE IT UP!"), you somehow knew that those movies were destined to go down in history as some of the most innovative and inspiring movies in the genre. (Yes, 1990s pre-teen hockey is a genre. Shut up.) This is the movie that served as a platform to launch Joshua Jackson’s career, documenting Charlie’s transition from a mediocre player to a coaching prodigy and the giving us the emergence of the Pacey smile. (Sidenote: Where would we be without Joshua Jackson?)

These movies—like most Disney films—are first and foremost educational tools. So what have we learned?
  • Drinking and driving is BAD: if you drink and drive, you might end up like Gordon Bombay, a wildly successful lawyer who is sentenced to community service coaching a bunch of talented kids who go on to represent team USA in the Junior Goodwill Games…and after that awesomeness happens, you might—like Gordon—get a second chance at your dream and go play for the NHL. Wait, so drinking and driving is bad, Disney? Is that what you’re telling us? Because Gordon’s life is the shit.
  • Violence is not the answer: The movies teach us how to take a dive and how to be an enforcer for your team (stick, gloves, shirt!). So wait, I lied, this movie actually teaches us that violence might really be the answer. Especially when you have the Bash Brothers and/or you're playing a team of tall, blonde, Icelandic hockey players with facial hair.
  • Treat ladies with respect: Dwayne “Hopalong Gretzky” Robertson is the perfect example of this. When that hulking ogre from Iceland targeted poor, delicate Connie Moreau in D2, he hops off the bench, lasso in hand, to defend her honor. Chivalry is not dead, ladies and gentlemen. But as Connie did remind us, she's not a lady, she's a Duck.
  • Standing up to your bullies: Whether it’s the puny District 5 Ducks standing up to the mean Hawks in D1, Team USA trouncing Iceland and Wolf “the Dentist” Stansson in D2 or the JV team getting the best of the cocky Eden Hall Warriors in D3, these movies teach you that perseverance, dedication, fancy skating skills, and a well-timed prank and/or costume change are all you need in order to overcome adversity and stand up to your bullies. You hear that bullies? You lost it for yourself. Even Gunnar agrees with us.
Eighteen years after the first Mighty Ducks movie was released, we’re all still enchanted--so much so that we had a marathon viewing of all three installments and created a drink called the Gordon Bombay (Canadian whiskey -- it's close enough to Minnesota, ginger ale, lime syrup, and mint -- also known as my version of a mint julep).

I’ll leave you with this: I bet you didn't know that Gunnar Stahl (who grew quite nicely), the long-haired Viking of my fourteen year old dreams, was SCOTT, the preppy-yet-oh-so-dashing-and-endearing-Warrior-goalie from D3 (Krista's favorite installment, don't you know). That sound you hear? That would be your mind being blown.

And for those who have not had the pleasure to watch these three films back to back while drinking Gordon Bombays recently, here's a little refresher on the cinematic genius that is the Mighty Ducks:

And just for funsies- Where are they now? (we gotta say- some Mighty Ducks matured quite nicely while others seemed to have peaked at 14, sorry Banksie!)

Throwback Thursday: "I'll Be Missing You"

True story: when I was young and heard "Every Breath You Take" by The Police, I asked my dad why old men were singing a song by Puffy. I am ashamed.

...but not ashamed enough to not post "I'll Be Missing You" by Puff Daddy, Faith Evans and 112 as my selection for this week's Throwback Thursday. As I've gotten older I've certainly developed an appreciation for the original song by Sting and crew, but nothing will EVER beat this 1997 collaboration (in memory of artist Christopher Wallace) in my heart. Check it here for the original. Two throwbacks for the price of one!

Throwback Thursday: "Killer Tofu"

Yes, you read correctly- today's throwback comes from the greatest fictional band of all time, The Beets.  The roomies and I are going to be celebrating the '90s this weekend and as a result have been reminiscing on all things '90s for the past week.  When it comes to '90s TV shows, Doug was hands down my favorite- my brother and I could name every episode and our concept of time derived from Doug episodes ("Two more Doug episodes until we get to Grandma's!").  The Beets songs were oh so catchy and semi-successful in helping to negotiate with our parents ("i need more allowance yodilahehoooooo") and "Killer Tofu" is probably their best jam, although I'm partial to "Bangin' on a Trashcan"...

and as a bonus, a video that combines what I loved in the '90s (Doug) with what I love today (doing the Dougie):

Throwback Thursday: "Pump Up the Jam"

I'm pretty sure I owned at least two volumes of Jock Jams, and I'm very comfortable with that. I don't think you can get more '90s than "Pump Up the Jam" (and yes, I did force my dance team to listen to it at least once a practice for an entire season...). Also, I learned via Twitter (aka via Kristen, since I will never understand Twitter) that Andrew Gordon of the Washington Capitals/Hershey Bears is currently driving back to Canada with his dad and listening to Jock Jams.

And now, for quite possibly the best music video to come out of 1990 -- this is my jam.

(I don't think it'll be too difficult, but yes, that will be my hairstyle for the next week.)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We Love Wednesday: Sorry Penguin

I'm still in mourning about the end of the Capitals' season (too soon, I don't want to talk about it), but this commercial helps ease the pain a little bit. And I could (and do) watch it on repeat. Sorry, Penguin.

this is my (cover) jam

so it's rainy and i'm sleeeeeeeeepy, but this M.Ward cover of Pete Townshend makes the day just a little bit brighter.

this song + the fact that I just discovered how to make mochaccinos from the coffee machine = solid afternoon

We Love Wednesday: my favorite YouTube video EVER

The following video is hands down my favorite YouTube video- it has everything that a good YouTube video needs: dancing, awesome music, an asian child, and a Twilight poster.

Pretty sure that I'm responsible for at least 100 of the 392 current views. Just ask Stacey about when I was on the verge of tears a few weeks ago because I couldn't find my sweet dancing asian boy and had to search through months of gchats to find the precious link.

I can only hope that my future children can move like this and have the courage (read: swagger) to dance to songs with lyrics totally inappropriate for their age. Yeah, I'm going to be a great mom.

Watch It. Love It. Repeat As Needed.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Very Astute, Porcelain." "Nugget."

All we knew going into tonight's Glee was that there was going to be a funeral.

Immediate predictions...
Kristen: I think it's going to be Burt because he's been fabulous and he already has a heart condition.
Krista: If it's Mike Chang, I'm never watching Glee again.
Kristen: BOYCOTT! Fuck that!
Krista: What if it's Karovsky?
Kristen: Not Karovsky, I love him!
Krista: Yeah, but someone might kill him.
Kristen: It'd be a hate crime. And I won't even entertain the thought about it being Britney.
Stacey: NOOOOOO!!

On Kurt's clothing choice...
Kristen: Does he have widgets or skulls on his pants?
Krista: Kurt should only sing Beatles songs.
Stacey: Is his vest tie-back?
Kristen: He's also wearing combat boots.
Stacey: And parachute pants?
Krista: Sorry we didn't listen to your song, Kurt, we were too busy looking at your outfit.
We also think that Kurt's hair makes him look like Jimmy Neutron.
On Mercedes...
She's the best.
Krista: This makes me want to watch Dreamgirls.

NEWSFLASH: Finn is Canadian. And a Canucks fan. Day is made.

At the funeral...

  • Sue's wearing real clothes!

  • hair joke #2

  • Finn and Quinn are still together? Missed that.

  • from behind, Sam looks like Sue Sylvester.

  • Kristen: Mike Chang can't sing, but he sure does do the brooding look well.

General gems....

  • Kristen: When Rachel sings and she's crying, it kind of looks like her face is melting.

  • Krista: I want to be on Fondue for Two! If only!

  • Krista: Remember when Teri pretended to be pregnant and she wasn't? Can we hope that in the future, there's a Glee version of "Welcome to Miami"? (Kristen: Bienvenido a Miami.)

We're ready for the season finale.
Hunger Games. Glee style.

props to Zebiz for the pic

the real way to win us over

this is my (cover) jam

 if there are only two things in life you can be certain of, it has to be these:
  1. mellow music is my jam.
  2. ...as is willow smith.
you're welcome. 

this was my jam...

So while making an awesome playlist for Kristen this weekend I rediscovered this great song by The Blakes and have been listening to it on repeat since Saturday and, naturally, had to share:

Apparently We're Not the Only Ones Who Love Whit...

Krista and I were a little (read: very) saddened last week when we learned that our girl Whitney Houston was back in rehab. After all, Whit lovingly provides the theme song to our lives. Get better soon, girlfriend!

BUT DID YOU KNOW? Someone else shares our love. Osama bin Laden loved Whitney so much that he was a, ready to make her one of his wives, b, targeting Bobby Brown as one of his major public enemies, and c, slightly stalking her so he could meet her. Not sure that this is the right look for a mastermind terrorist.

According to
one of bin Laden's wives (not Whit): "Whitney Houston's name was the one that would be mentioned constantly. How beautiful she was, what a nice smile she has, how truly Islamic she is but is just brainwashed by American culture and by her husband Bobby Brown, whom Osama talked about having killed, as if it were normal to have women's husbands killed."

But would he make her feel like a million dollar bill?

Apparently her music didn't cut it, though. Not appropriate.

I just wonder what Osama would've thought of this interpretation of Million Dollar Bill:

Some more Whitney to get you through this rainy Tuesday....

Monday, May 16, 2011

no really, this is our jam

kristen and I have found a new love in Diamond Rings (we learned about them from my brother's radio show, thanks Travis Birkenstock!). check it:

if you're digging this song, also check out:
You and Me (Kristen's life theme song of the moment)
All Yr Songs (my other fav, which may now be bumped up to #1 since this video reminds me of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air...)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cover of the Week: "Rolling in the Deep"

so I feel like we can all agree that Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" is awesome and it's been made even better by all of the covers that artists have been doing lately. We loved Rachel and Jesse St. James' (he's backkkkk!) cover on Glee this week. But our fav so far is John Legend's cover because, let's be real, John Legend can do no wrong. Enjoy:

I also have a fascination with Mike Posner and am kind of digging his cover too-
check it out.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Throwback Thursday: "Every Other Time"

This LFO video (rest in peace, Rich Cronin) doesn't feature Jennifer Love Hewitt (see: Girl on TV), but these white homeboys rap their little hearts out in this quality single that reached number 18 on New Zealand's pop chart. And yes, this video is straight from TRL.

Throwback Thursday: "We've Got It Goin' On"

You might lay in bed at night asking yourself, where oh where can I find coordinated denim outfits, baseball caps which are being jauntily rocked sideways, five sets of man-earrings, leather, 90's dance moves, an abundance of plaid, and white boy rapping all in one succinct musical montage? Why look no further--all that and more is available in the Backstreet Boys' hit "We've Got it Goin' On". This is the best 1995 has to offer.

Throwback Thursday: "Country Grammar"

being the resident hip hop lover of the trio, had to throwback to my middle school love for Nelly. I loved "Country Grammar" pretty much solely because the chorus reminded me of the hand-clap games that we used to play on the bus in elementary school - now that friends, was my jam.

Throwback Thursday: American Girl Dolls

We're just going to go ahead and say it: we were all gems when we were younger (pictures to come soon). And, being the good 90s girls that we were, we more than bought in to the American Girl Doll craze. The Hairpin just told us what our doll choice said about our childhood selves, and what all of this boils down to: we love Swedes and ethnic diversity.

Stacey- Story of my life: "Whatever superficial motivation led you to choose Kirsten, you quickly learned that life as a Swedish immigrant in Minnesota is not all lingonberry pie and ice fishing," and "Girls who had Addy grew up with an acute sense of the lack of diversity in early-'90s consumer culture." So basically, I was precociously aware of the lack of diversity with these dolls since I wrote a letter to the American Girl company because I wanted there to be a Jewish American Girl doll. I even created the story line for them. No dice. Ten years later, they created one (I think -- actually, I know because I check up on them regularly), but I'm pretty sure they used their own story. And they didn't send me one fo' free.
Kristen- I had Kirsten too. My Scandinavian fixation started at such a young age… I also had a hand me down Samantha, which is ironic considering she's the designer jeans of American girl dolls. My sister and I were admittedly partial to Samantha because she looked the most like us and had the best wardrobe (and Molly was nerdy). My little cousin Caitlin now has my beloved Samantha and Kirsten dolls, so the legacy lives on.
Krista- True Life: On my first day of third grade at my new school is Boston, a group of girls came up to me and said "You look like Molly, the American Girl," to which I peered at them under my red glasses and bangs and just stared. (I later made friends with them after I realized this wasn't an insult and was surprisingly accurate) I also would always wish on pennies at mall fountains for a Kirsten doll and never got one, not sure what that says about me…

Granted, we do have a soft spot for the original American Girl, Felicity. We learned to love everything colonial at William and Mary, and we may or may not know some people who decided to go to school in Williamsburg because of Felicity Merriman. Just saying.

As with all dolls, there were hair mishaps. I took Kirsten's hair out of her braids because I was convinced I could do the same hairstyle. It never looked the same, even after my mom tried to fix it. My hair training didn't include Swedish braids. And Kristen's mom saved Samantha from a curling iron fiasco that may have left the Victorian girl a little on the bald side. It's not our fault that we wanted our dolls to have curly hair like us! They didn't include that option in the Build-Your-Own American Girl Dolls! I'm sensing a little bit of hair discrimination.

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