Friday, July 25, 2014

weekend thoughts...

Happy Friday!! We hope you enjoy a weekend full of picnics, good movies, and eating your weight in chips and salsa (just us?). Here are some thoughts to put you in the weekend spirit...

Your Weekend Jam: Viceroy and Penguin Prison are a match made in weekend jam heaven with “The Life”:

TIOJ Thoughts:

New app alert! Check out wēgo to connect with new and existing friends and go to shows together! (Find us and be our friends on the app!)

THE SILVER LINE. (I’ll believe it when I see it.)

Ladies and gentlemen, the seven ugliest buildings in DC.

NPR asks, "Does the term 'indie rock' still mean anything?"

Free! Our favorite recent discovery Wild Party is giving away a great remix of their jam “When I Get Older” from Big Party for free over on Facebook!

And in case you missed it: We played compare and contrast with Harts and Haerts -- who do you choose?

{PLAYLIST} newport folk festival 2014

High on our wish list of festivals to attend is Newport Folk Festival. Seriously, nothing sounds better than being in this classic New England town with gazillions of our most favorite folksy bands serenading us. Add in some hipster beards and lobster rolls, and shoot -- get ready for swoon city.  

Press play and dream of seasides and banjos below!

Keep jamming with last year's Newport Folk Festival playlist!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

{THROWBACK} "dreams"

I'm a sucker for movie montages and the one in You've Got Mail featuring "Dreams" by The Cranberries is no exception. Reminisce with me, Meg Ryan, and the sound of AOL, won't you?

This nostalgic moment has been brought to you/inspired by the amazing cover of this jam from WATERS:

{THROWBACK} "my old school"

In the weirdest of musical fates, both of my alma maters have mention in the same song. And when I heard that song play at Trader Joe's the other day, I came home and listened to it three more times. Because nothing says school pride like Steely Dan hating your school.

Go Atoms/Tribe Pride forever (my Virginian version, apparently, of Texas forever).

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

wild party is my jam

In a Soundcloud browsing miracle, I've come across up-and-coming Texas band Wild Party. Their song "When I Get Older" is so optimistic and catchy with an infectious youthful spirit that leaves me craving more. I definitely want to be at whatever party these guys are throwing next.

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