Friday, August 1, 2014

weekend thoughts...

Happy Friday, chickadees! We hope you have a fabulous weekend in store, whether you're at Lollapalooza, at the beach, or bopping around town!

Your Weekend Jam: We CANNOT stop listening to Clean Bandit’s latest “Come Over” -- we’ll never have enough steel drum in our electronic music.

TIOJ Thoughts:

An interesting look at the role of tour openers.

Music quiz! Who wrote these songs?

It’s okay, DMX -- I’m afraid of roller coasters too.

Rejoice! D2: The Mighty Ducks and Spice World are now streaming on Netflix!

Free! Smallpools just released their single “Killer Whales,” which is the perfect song to continue jamming to all summer, and you can get it fo free here.

And in case you missed it: If you're a fan of Bipolar Sunshine and/or Ed Sheeran, look no further than Raleigh Ritchie!! You must give him a listen.

And! We're recapping the month of July with plenty of summery jams.

{PLAYLIST} lollapalooza 2014

The main summer festival circuit may be winding down, but Lollapalooza is as sure as ever to be an incredible weekend of music as ever. If you're going, we're jealous (especially if you get to make a human mudslide a la 2012). If you're not lucky enough to be in Chicago this weekend, join us in streaming as much of the festival as humanly possible here.

If we were there live, we'd be doing our best to see the following acts:

Thursday, July 31, 2014

{PLAYLIST} best of july 2014

What a busy month of July it was! This year is zooming, and we've had quite the couple of weeks this summer. In July, we:
(and lounged at the beach... via)
And in July, we were listening to:

"Silhouettes" - Of Monsters and Men
This NPR interview filled an Icelandic-sized hole in my heart.
"Gooey" - Glass Animals
Glass Animals blew us away live and this sexy song has been in my head ever since.
"Tenenbaum" - The Paper Kites
Seeing this performed live gave me all the feels.
"Partition" - Beyonce
Seeing Beyonce and Jay-Z live was the highlight of my life
"Born to Roam" - Oxford & Co.
LOVE these sweet Aussie lads.
"Like Real People Do" - Hozier
Obsessed with our Newport Folk Festival playlist featuring this amazing song.
"My Old School" - Steely Dan
What are the chances that both of my alma maters will get mentions (and negative ones, at that) in the same song?
"Bloodsport" - Raleigh Ritchie
So glad this guy came onto our radar this month!
"Girlfriend" - Streets of Laredo
A New Zealandish family band, yes please!
"Feels Like Summer" - Panama Wedding
Our go-to summer jam this entire month -- we can't get enough.

new macklemore & ryan lewis!!

Glory be, we've finally got new music featuring Macklemore & Ryan Lewis to share! Thanks to a recent premiere on All Songs Considered, Fences (who helped produce the duos album The Heist) shared his recent jam "Arrows" featuring Macklemore's story-telling raps and Ryan Lewis' amazing production.

Get ready to hear this jam on a radio near you!

And while we're on the subject, let's take a moment to appreciate the cutie Ryan Lewis, shall we?

{THROWBACK} o.a.r.

My high school life was soundtracked by O.A.R. I forgave that they were from the lesser third of the DMV, and I listened to "Crazy Game of Poker" endlessly. There are so so many O.A.R albums in my iTunes, and I'm pretty sure that there are still several CDs in my car.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was that they teamed up with the kiddos of PS22 -- if only they had played some of their older songs! But still. My 18-year-old self is happy.

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