Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"home" is my pre-thanksgiving jam

Dan Croll's "Home" is no stranger to TIOJ and playlists of Thanksgivings past. Nonetheless, it has been all I've been craving this week, along with homemade gravy and Cyber Monday sales. So let's take a moment to be thankful and enjoy this song before the familial chaos of the holiday begins, shall we?

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

mystikal is baaaaack

The newest hit "Feel Right" from Mark Ronson featuring Mystikal and Bruno Mars delights me to no end. It's the perfect updated version of motown that would make James Brown proud and brings a fresh perspective to Mystikal's repertoire. Who would have thunk that Bruno Mars would be singing back up for Mystikal?

{IF YOU LIKE} bon iver, chet faker

(via 1/2/3)

If you swoon over Chet Faker's sexy Australian vibes or crave the chill falsetto of Bon Iver, then take a listen to up-and-comer Fractures. We caught Fractures at CMJ and were immediately taken by his sound. It's brooding, dark, and sensual. Seriously, what is in the water in Australia that makes all of their music so good?

Depending on what you like, "Twisted" is a little more Chet Faker...

...and "Embers" is a little more Bon Iver.

Monday, November 24, 2014

{RECAP} allah-las

Today we've got Concert Correspondent Lily recapping her coverage of Allah-Las on Friday night!

I did not understand a word that Allah-Las lead singer Miles Michaud said during the show at Rock and Roll Hotel. Did it matter? I guess not. The poetry was in their psychedelic, let’s-chill-by-the-beach essence. The four-member group from L.A. swept the audience into a retro trip, but left us grasping for connection to their all-encompassing sound.

Fusing iterations of Brian Wilson, the Rolling Stones and the nonchalance of the 1960’s, an ocean-side patio would have better served their sound than the low ceilings and mirrored walls of Rock and Roll Hotel.

Actually, it was as if the H Street concert hall had been transformed into an aquarium; the jewel-toned lighting, cockleshell’ed bongos and the muffled microphone made it seem like the band was jamming out underwater. So much so that it was difficult to connect with the music. What were they trying to say and why did they sound so distant? Did they even want to incorporate the audience into their groove, or was our role to just hum together, isolated by own thoughts and interpretations? With only one shout out to the crowd, they did not seem to care.

I distinguish the Allah-las from other surfer bands with only a few defining items: that one song with the maracas, the dominating bass, and the guitarist’s tall hat. Otherwise, their power was in absorbing all individual noises to churn out one, unified sound. At one point, I even thought that maybe the feedback from the microphones was part of the set.

The audience responded in two ways: we found the Jumpy Bunnies who bounced along with the quick snare drum. And then we had the Swayers, those who incorporated the melancholy chords and shifted side to side. I’ve seen a lot of these Swayers at other D.C. shows following a work day, and it can be difficult to tell whether it is boredom, insecurity or enchantment that prevents people from really getting down on the dance floor. I’m usually a big dancer, but I joined the Swayer camp this time. Frankly, the undulating melodies made me sleepy.

It was certainly nice to step out from this new November winter and into a dreamy, seashore wonderland. But it was just that: nice. Maybe it was the long week behind me, maybe it was the echoing acoustics: by the end of the show, I was ready for bed.

Next Up: Taking a turkey break then we're back at it seeing The Head and the Heart at DAR on December 9!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

{WATCH} high maintenance

Since we still have to wait until January for the latest season of Girls, the newest Vimeo series High Maintenance is filling the Brooklyn hipster-sized void in our hearts. The series centers around a drug dealer in Brooklyn as he serves his smattering of clients and hilarity ensues. Plus, the music in the series is unsurprisingly awesome. We devoured all of the free episodes in a day (they're short!) and dare you to not do the same.

The newest season is available for download on Vimeo and all past episodes are available for free!
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