Friday, May 27, 2016

weekend thoughts...

Happy Memorial Day weekend, pretty people! The sun is finally out, the Nats are in town, and the pools are open -- it's going to be an awesome long weekend!!

Your Weekend Jam: It’s Memorial Day, which means it’s officially (ish) summer!! Celebrate the beginning of country music season with this Sir Mashalot mashup of six country songs that blend seamlessly.

TIOJ Thoughts:


A Lemonade coloring book and a Coloring Book coloring book..

Colbert’s take on Kanye being Kanye.

The beginning of the end of Suri’s Burn Book… I’m devastated.

DC Happenings (and FREE!): Jazz in the Garden and a bunch of other free outdoor concerts start today and more!!

And in case you missed it: We recapped our most recent trip to Echostage to see Bloc Party and more!

{PLAYLIST} memorial day happy hour

If you're wondering why we're posting a happy hour-inspired playlist today, you clearly haven't looked outside recently. D.C. has finally pulled itself out of the moist, rainy hellhole it's been stuck in for the past few years months weeks. The temperature is high and so are our spirits. Venture out into the great outdoors during this lovely long weekend and soak up the Vitamin D.

day drinking goals (via)
Grab a cold one and press play!

Thursday, May 26, 2016


We were giggling with anticipation when we heard the name of DC rapper Wale's latest hit "My PYT." Just as we anticipated, this new track pays respect to one of our most favorite Michael Jackson classics (and Glee covers + bonus Mike Chang dance off). Cannot wait to blast this on repeat as the weather finally starts to get nice again. Although, we gotta wonder why Wale is scheming for an "NY PYT" and not a "DC PYT"...

Roll down the windows and press play.

And if you're in need of the real thing, the classic:

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

chloe x halle are my jam

Chloe and Halle Bailey are only teenagers. They're on a first name basis with Beyonce and were featured on "Lemonade." They count Michelle Obama as a fan. And if that wasn't enough, their debut single "Drop" is so amazing. I am inferior.

If you want to check out more from these badass sisters, their debut EP is available on Spotify!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

{RECAP} oscar, the vaccines, and bloc party

Last Thursday, Caleb and I ventured back to Echostage to catch the all-British lineup of Oscar, The Vaccines, and Bloc Party. Unlike the last time we went to Echostage, the typical bootie short clad high schoolers were thankfully absent from the crowd and were instead replaced with like-minded twenty-somethings wearing sensible clothing, which was sign two for a great evening. (Sign one being the prevalence of Brits performing, of course.)

The band we were most anxious to hear was opener Oscar. Unfortunately, in that inevitable twist of fate when you're trying to make it over to NE after a long day of work, we missed Oscar's set by just seconds. To account for this unfortunate timing, I've been consoling myself with Oscar videos on YouTube. His most recent video for "Good Things" has been just the cure to help me stay positive in light of missing his set coupled with the fact that DC has decided to turn into Seattle this month.

Next up were more Londoners The Vaccines. While their name sounded familiar to me, seeing The Vaccines was a classic case of coming in with zero expectations and being quickly surprised and impressed. The band immediately got the crowd going with their indie rock music, reminiscent of the pseudo punk rock music that was popular about 10 years ago, and kept the crowd engaged with their relentless energy mixed with a dash of impossible "cool."

the vaccines

Click ahead for more!
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